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Brandon Petry

Of direct Polish decent, Brandon's grandfather immigrated to America where he used his skill of metal fabrication to help build the Sears Tower in Chicago. Design and fabrication run deep in Brandon’s genes. Born in Ventura California, he was able to travel and experience many of the natural beauties of the west coastline. Nature's inspiration is seen through his design of static shapeshifting objects and elements that would seem to float in mid-air. 

Brandon’s commissions are as diverse as the work he creates. Buyers for 5-star Hotels, high-end tech companies, and private collectors, Brandon is quickly emerging as an acclaimed artist and continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art and space.



Obviously Polish, Paul Petrykowski, Brandon's grandfather was born and raised in Poland. During WWII his family was captured and placed in a labor camp. After some time, he and a few others devised an escape plan. They fled through the forests where they fought for survival. Years later He and his family migrated to America where he changed their name to Petry.

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